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Today as I packed up a wholesale order I suddenly felt incredibly grateful to be in a position where I can run my own business doing something I love and feel passionate about!

It got me thinking about other small businesses and what I could do to support them. How can I expect all of you to shop at Frankie’s Threads when most of the time I am guilty of choosing a more ‘convenient’ option? I hashtag every photo I post with #shopsmall #supportsmallbusiness etc. etc. Yet I’m guilty of forgetting about all the lovely local coffee shops right on my doorstep and just nipping to Costa instead. When I’m looking for clothes for myself I scroll through ASOS and forget about all the amazing independent brands I’ve seen on Instagram. My entire business is based around supporting independent brands, I source fabrics from small companies, I hold stock in small business, pretty much everything I use to make a pair of leggings or a romper is either bought locally at an independent shop or sourced online from an independent shop. I always have it at the forefront of my mind at work. So why not in my personal life? 

So, I know it’s a little late for a new year’s resolution. But that’s me, always late to the party! I am going to set myself a challenge, to shop small and local where ever possible for the rest of 2018 and I invite you to join me on this challenge!

Now I don’t expect everyone to give up their high street staples because there is no way I can live without a new pair of Topshop Mom Jeans or Nike Trainers. But instead of going to Pizza Express for tea I’m going to think of my local independent restaurants. When I’m on the hunt for some new clothes I will pay a visit to local boutiques. Instead of scrolling through Instagram and just double tapping the things I like I will make a note for next time I’m shopping.

And it won’t stop there. I’m going to shout about it. I want to keep you all updated with my new small business finds and write a monthly blog about it. I’ll also hashtag my finds on Instagram with #shopsmallchallenge18 either from Frankie’s Threads Instagram or my personal Instagram @gabriellamarsden.

So, to help me on this journey please share with me your favourite small businesses. I’m pretty well versed in kids clothing as let’s face it, buying tiny unique clothing is addictive! I’m always open to suggestions but I’m especially looking for women’s clothing, jewellery, gift shops, beauty, home decor and if you are in the Rossendale or Manchester area then hit me up with your favourite local shops, cafés and restaurants.

If you got this far then thank you for reading, let me know if you will be joining me on this journey!


Gaby x

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  • Love the blog! I can completely relate. I’ll definitely give it a whirl, why should the kids get all the best stuff xx

    • Emily
  • I love this!!! ???

    • Zoe
  • Love it x

    • Jade
  • The question marks are emojis Haha!

    • Keisha
  • ? Keep the blog. I love to shop small for my little one knowing every other kid at nursery won’t be in the same outfit ? I try to shop small and local in my village for food etc. But when it comes to women’s clothing I find myself in Primark every time and I literally cringe in the play centre when me and another mum have the same jumper ekk! Keep us posted if you find any good places xxxx

    • Keisha